Tuesday, August 2

Study of 1 John 1

Study of 1 John
1 John 1-
God and the Spirit were in existence from the beginning. They always were, always are, and always will be with us. When Jesus became flesh we, humans, for the first time were able to hear an audible voice, see another being, and feel flesh that God indwelled. Because of this miracle, God living among men for 33 years, all now have the opportunity to live in spirit with God forever. This is what being a Christian is all about. Being able at the end of this life to live in Heaven is a truly awesome and wonderful thing. Still sometimes people loose sight of the bigger picture, and become consumed with the woes of this world. In over 100 places in the bible it says to be glad. Yes, I understand that this life has troubles. The Lord even said that we would, (John 16:33) but he who lives in us has overcome the world! We can have joy in life because of this.

In verse 5 Light represents what is good, true, and holy. God has nothing to do with what isn't right. If we choose not to follow what he has commanded, we don't live by the truth, and God is always true. But if we strive for what is of God, Jesus' blood will wash away our every sin.

If we claim to never sin, God who is truth will not be in us. Some may say that they don't often sin, or they are little sins. Unless you are showing kindness, patience and forgiveness to everyone, which Jesus commanded us to do; we are sinning all the time. Believe me, just showing patience to the slow driver in front of you when are in a hurry takes a lot of self control. But we do have hope! If we just confess our sins, God will forgive and purify us.

Daily Challenge ~ Try to find joy in whatever situation you are in today. And remember that God is right there walking beside you in every step of the way!